Sunday, January 11, 2009

The POV Purpose

I spend a lot of time consuming media. I am always looking for more media to consume, but I'd like to have a good sense of if I'll like it or not before purchasing media. Generally, that's where reviewers/critics/user reviews come in, but since opinions are by definition subjective, I have to know if I can trust someone's opinion. Do they like something as much as I do? This is precisely why the number/star system of ratings makes no sense. What does a 7.5 given by one person mean to another?

With this blog I'm going to try to start a revolution on how media is reviewed and rated. Along with a list of things that I like and dislike on my main page (so you can get a feel for whether you'll like what I like or not), my reviews will contain comparisons on similar things. I'm hoping this will be a better indication for readers to know that if they like one book, movie, or game, then they would most likely like another.

Also, for a better idea of how I think, I will occasionally post about my philosophies, theories, and beliefs about life. Also also, because I enjoy reading random blog posts, I'm going to be reviewing random things. Websites, restaurants, particular roads, whatever I feel like. This is my blog after all.